Noise and vibration impact assessment in Northern Ireland

Lester Acoustics LLP provides a substantial range of noise and vibration assessment and impact statements, instrumental in the efficient execution of gaining planning approval for new developments. Lester Acoustics LLP assessments are consistently well received by Environmental Health (as a consultee to The Planning Service) and therefore enable smooth progress through the planning process.

A very important consideration with all building projects is an assessment of the environmental and local impact of any proposed development in terms of both inward and outward impact. In most cases, submitting a noise / vibration assessment is a requirement of gaining planning approval. Another aspect of Environmental Noise relates to the assessment and mitigation of industrial noise when there is a neighbour noise complaint - see  Industrial Noise .

We undertake noise assessments for concerns including:

  • Residential developments
  • Retail, business and leisure parks
  • Noise nuisance assessment and mitigation
  • Wind turbine applications
  • Industrial developments
  • Quarries, sand and gravel pits, and reservoirs
  • Road Schemes

Lester Acoustics LLP provides a comprehensive Building Acoustics  service.

Noise Assessment - Lester Acoustics
Noise Assessment - Lester Acoustics

Lester Acoustics LLP provides noise and vibration impact statements and assessments in Northern Ireland. Call us today on 
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