Building and Architectural Acoustics

Lester Acoustics LLP provides acoustic consultancy advice for sound insulation and room acoustic design throughout Northern Ireland.

We provide a full and comprehensive design package including sound insulation, room acoustics and mechanical services noise. Covering the specification and design of sound insulation between areas, the 'acoustics' of a space to provide good speech intelligibly and the specification of appropriate internal noise climates for mechanical services noise and external noise break-in. Our services are particularly suitable for the design of lecture theatres, court buildings, schools, colleges, hotels, cinemas, pubs and clubs and other constructions with very specific acoustic needs.

We provide building acoustic design including:

  • Internal and external wall sound insulation specification and design
  • Improved acoustics for lecture theatres and performance spaces
  • Specification of partitions to provide speech privacy between critical areas
  • Design of facades to control noise break-in and break-out
  • Specification of surface finishes to provide good internal acoustics
  • Lecture theatre design
  • Design of multiplex cinemas
  • Firing range installations

We have provided building acoustic design for the following:

  • Court buildings
  • Lecture theatres
  • Schools and colleges
  • Hotels, pubs and clubs
  • Cinemas
  • Firing ranges

Lester Acoustics LLP provides a range of industrial noise and noise and vibration impact .

Lester Acoustics
Lester Acoustics

Lester Acoustics LLP offers a comprehensive range of building acoustic design advice for acoustically critical specialist commercial build, office, residential and industrial developments in Northern Ireland. Call us today on
028 9264 0116

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